These amazing lipglosses are super glossy, hydrating, non-sticky and lightweight. Grab one or all just in time for Valentine’s Day. Keep those lips juicy for bae or yourself all day long. Can be worn by itself, with a lip liner or over lipstick!

 ✨Hot Gyal is a pigmented hot pink gloss that is smooth, non-sticky, shiny and cotton candy scented. pairs great with a brown lipliner. 

✨Spicy Mami is a red shimmery but sheer gloss. It is a plumping gloss as it is infused with peppermint oil keeping juicy and plump! ALWAYS non sticky and made with natural oils

✨Babygirl a soft pink gloss cake battered flavored and is perfect by itself or with a lip liner or lipstick. It is a sheer gloss but can be layered to add more pigment. 

✨Baddie is a hot red but sheer lipgloss. It is strawberry scented, non sticky, light weight and can be worn by itself or with a lipstick or lip liner.


All lipglosses come in a white cap 5ml tube with a diamond shaped wand  for smooth and even application. 

Glossiest Gloss

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